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Hello Vendors! It's that time...


Our next event will be held on Saturday, December 10th, 2016. Deadline for entry is November 21st. We will be screening applications for acceptance this year, so make sure you get those applications in nice and early so we can make sure you have a chance at a spot.

SET UP BEGINS AT 10am!  NO SOONER PLEASE! The craft sale takes place from 12pm-5pm.

Set up must be complete before doors open at noon. If you are not ready by noon it will be noted and you will not be invited back the next year. Please stay until 5 unless it is discussed with us prior. If you leave before 5pm you will not be invited back the next year.


The 9th annual Yuletide Local Yokel will be taking place at either  Paradigm Coffee & Music, or the former Paradigm Annex. We will inform you as the date gets closer.


To be considered for the event pleas fill out this form:
Submission Form for Local Yokel: or click HERE  

After your form is filled out we will go over applications and let you know if you will be invited to the event. We will be screening the vendors to ensure we have an eclectic variety of artists. We will send out letters to all of you by November 24th on the status of your application.

Space fees can be paid at Paradigm, no later than December 3rd. If this doesn't work for you, let us know... we are very nice in accommodating people and can probably work something out on an individual basis as to how you can pay & register.

Please be patient with the staff there. We have been doing this longer than most of them have been working there so we need to remember that they are busy. Also... they are not the ones coordinating the event. If you need any questions answered please contact us via email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

{Please, hand crafted / originally designed items only.  We DO NOT accept resellers or food goods.  Thank you.}

**Disclaimer... we are a small venue, we may not have enough space for everyone.  We ask that you PLEASE get your applications in ASAP.  Spaces will go quickly.  We will try to offer a good variety of vendors.