Wednesday, October 29, 2014

7th Annual Local Yokel Craft Fair!

Hey there all you fantastic people!

A date has been chosen for this year's Local Yokel!

The Awesomeness will take place on December 13th from noon til 5 in the Paradigm annex. Same place as last year. :)

We all ready have a few people signed up to participate, but are still looking for vendors. Again, there is a $20 space fee. Each space is 6ft by 6ft. We will have some tables available, but this year we need to know who needs them... so when you fill out the submission form, make sure and let us know.

Remember: All items must be hand-crafted / original designs.

Our cut off date for registration is December 5th and we need the space fee paid no later than December 8th. Space fees can be paid at Paradigm. If this doesn't work for you, let us know... we are very nice and accommodating people and can probably work something out on an individual basis as to how you can pay & register.

Watch this space as we will be updating frequently.... :)